Ball Foods

From Semovita to Massavita, our ball foods need very little introduction. Trademarks of good living, they score very high points across cultures and tribes that have now owned them.


Golden Penny Goldenvita Whole Wheat Meal: Was launched in 2006 and is the whole wheat meal brand made from 100% whole wheat. It is fortified with three times more fibre than any other Semolina brand and is the perfect choice for people seeking a healthier ball food alternative.


Golden Penny Semovita: Launched almost two decades ago, it is the leading brand in the Semolina category in the country (with over 60% market share), widely accepted in both the Southern & Northern parts of the country, it is distributed through a network of dealers and retailers nationally. It is made from high-quality wheat, fortified with vitamins and rich in fibre for easy digestion


Golden Penny Masavita: Was launched in 2013 and is our wholesome maize meal that guarantees all-day energy. Very popular in the North, it is versatile and can be used for various recipes.