With a daily wheat grinding capacity of 8,000 metric tonnes, FMN controls one of the largest flour milling complexes in the world. The superior quality Golden Penny Flour, is available is different variants and has delighted millions all over Nigeria and beyond. Packaged in various sizes, it is distributed as Nigeria’s number one flour for baking.

Golden Penny Noodle Flour

This flour is specially formulated for the noodle manufacturers across the country. It is available in 50 kg, but bulk delivery can also be arranged on request.

Golden Penny Soft Biscuit Flour

Made from the highest quality Soft Red Winter Wheat (SRW), Golden Penny Soft Biscuit Flour is the delight of biscuit manufacturing companies in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. It is available in 50kg bags

Golden Penny Confectionary Flour

Golden Penny Confectionary Flour is a blend of two high-quality flours, and it can be used by confectionery bakers and homemakers in the preparation of a wide range of famous confectionaries like puff-puff, meat pie, buns, doughnuts, eggrolls, chin chin, cakes and sausage rolls. It is versatile, easy to handle and does not need to be blended with any other flour for all products. It comes in 50kg and 10kg

Golden Penny Multi-Purpose Flour

This is the affordable flour made from high-quality wheat and cassava. It is suitable for general purpose baking and frying. Introduced in 2014, this product is delivering on the Federal Government’s cassava transformation agenda and supporting agriculture in Nigeria while also offering bakers great value for money. It is also ideal for blending other Golden Penny Flour variants for less cost and increased yield. It is available in attractive packs of 50kg

Golden Penny Eagle Wheat Flour

Eagle Flour is the high-quality flour with the Golden Penny seal of quality serving the West region of Nigeria. It is available in 50kg bags.

Golden Penny Prime Flour

This premium bread flour is packed in 50kg bags and used mostly by bakeries to produce various bread and cake recipes that meet the quality expectations of Nigerians and the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) sub-region. It is the preferred choice for bakers and bread consumers.