Pasta & Noodles

Operators of the first pasta plant in Nigeria we have remained the number one choice for superior quality pasta products and services in the region. Keen on identifying and satisfying emerging consumer needs, we parade a wide range of nutritious and aesthetic variety for all.


Golden Penny Eliche is a spiral shaped pasta delicacy that cooks in ten minutes. It can be fried with vegetables or enjoyed in salads. Some still like it plain with stew. It cooks in ten minutes.


Golden Penny Macaroni is an elbow shaped small size pasta bits. It is hollow and apart from enjoying it plain with stew, fried or with vegetables, it can also be prepared in salads. It is available in 200 and 500gms


Golden Penny Spaghettini is also cylindrical but quite slimmer than Spaghetti. It is equally very tasty and does not get soggy. It is enjoyed with stew or vegetables, but some love it fried. In just five minutes it will be ready to eat, and it is available in 500gms


Golden Penny Twist is like a Twist and also has a hollow that makes it very enjoyable either plain with stew, Jollof, or as Fried with vegetables. It cooks in ten minutes and is available in 200gms and 500gms

Golden Penny Noodles

Golden Penny noodles are the tasty non-sticky, non-soggy noodles rich in essential nutrients, and they are packaged to the highest standards to keep it fresh or longer. Golden Penny seasoning recipe gives it an appetizing aroma and a taste that will send your taste buds on a trip, it is easy and fun to cook and can be enjoyed by the whole family, It comes I three pack sizes 70g, 100g, and 150g


Gold Penny Spaghetti is a long thing dried Cylindrical Pasta that is delicious. It does not get soggy and is enjoyed plain, Jollof, fried or with vegetables. It cooks in ten minutes. It is available in 250gms and 500gms