Our commitment to feeding the nation has produced the following brands

Add Maize 60


Blow Film

We provide solid and long lasting protection for all packages which are more flexible at a cost effective rate and higher yield. With a range of German extruders, we remain the number one total packaging solutions for Shrink Film, Stretch Film while focusing on quality and durability. The extrusion method adopted by BAGCPO Morpack has endeared our customers to us. We professionally engage our machinery and latest technologies to deliver top notch extruded films. While doing what we know how to do best, we ensure that our resultant films are greatly benefical to our clients and whatever applications they had in mind. All these are possible becaue our process takes care of everything from inception by ensuring that:
  1. The overall size and width of the finished sheet has uniform dimensions that would conform to the required output
  2. The thickness of the finished film is perfectly controlled to avoid product faults.
  3. Proper air cooling process performed while film travels to the nip rollers to be rolled just to deliver best outputs.
Hence, the properties of our extruded films are maintained excellently for the following peculiarities: tensile strength, flaxual strength, toughness, optical properties etc. Our extruded films include:
  • Shrink films
  • Stretch films
  • Poly rolls
  • Pure Water rolls

Broiler Finisher

Broiler Finisher

Broiler Starter

Broiler Starter

Broiler Super Starter

Broiler Super Starter

Carrier Bags

They are used for packaging large household commodities, products or goods. They are rigid and adaptable for long term use and good for heavy load carrying for traders and travellers. The market has continued to testify to the quality of our carrier bag brand. They are beautifully designed and can be tailored to meet customers’ demand. Open market bags are appropriately positioned to mainly non industrial market participants. However, industrial customers sometimes benefit from the remarkable specifications.   Features: The bags are usually laminated either with WPP laminate or with BOPP laminate of various attractive and sharp colors.

Chick Mash

Chick Mash


Golden Penny Eliche is a spiral shaped pasta delicacy that cooks in ten minutes. It can be fried with vegetables or enjoyed in salads. Some still like it plain with stew. It cooks in ten minutes.

Extruded Cat Fish

Extruded Cat Fish

Extruded Tilapia Fish

Extruded Tilapia Fish

Golden bite chin-chin

Fresh, crunchy and delicious goodness that you can share

Golden Penny Confectionary Flour

Golden Penny Confectionary Flour is a blend of two high-quality flours, and it can be used by confectionery bakers and homemakers in the preparation of a wide range of famous confectionaries like puff-puff, meat pie, buns, doughnuts, eggrolls, chin chin, cakes and sausage rolls. It is versatile, easy to handle and does not need to be blended with any other flour for all products. It comes in 50kg and 10kg

Golden Penny Eagle Wheat Flour

Eagle Flour is the high-quality flour with the Golden Penny seal of quality serving the West region of Nigeria. It is available in 50kg bags.

Golden Penny margarine

Golden Penny Margarine is enriched with seven essential vitamins; Vitamins A, B6, B12, D, E, Folic Acid and Niacin to support healthy growth and development especially in children. Golden Penny Margarine is suitable for cooking, baking and making pastries.

Golden Penny Multi-Purpose Flour

This is the affordable flour made from high-quality wheat and cassava. It is suitable for general purpose baking and frying. Introduced in 2014, this product is delivering on the Federal Government’s cassava transformation agenda and supporting agriculture in Nigeria while also offering bakers great value for money. It is also ideal for blending other Golden Penny Flour variants for less cost and increased yield. It is available in attractive packs of 50kg

Golden Penny Noodle Flour

This flour is specially formulated for the noodle manufacturers across the country. It is available in 50 kg, but bulk delivery can also be arranged on request.

Golden Penny Noodles

Golden Penny noodles are the tasty non-sticky, non-soggy noodles rich in essential nutrients, and they are packaged to the highest standards to keep it fresh or longer. Golden Penny seasoning recipe gives it an appetizing aroma and a taste that will send your taste buds on a trip, it is easy and fun to cook and can be enjoyed by the whole family, It comes I three pack sizes 70g, 100g, and 150g

Golden Penny Premium White Granulated Sugar

Golden Penny Premium White Granulated Sugar Available in 500g and 1kg sacks

Golden Penny premium white sugar

Golden Penny premium white sugar BTB 50kg Sack For bakers, biscuit manufacturers, and confectioners

Golden Penny premium white sugar (Beverage)

Golden Penny premium white sugar BTB 50kg Sack For beverage manufacturers

Golden Penny Premium White Sugar Cubes

Golden Penny Premium White Sugar Cubes Premium White Sugar Cubes 500g

Golden Penny Prime Flour

This premium bread flour is packed in 50kg bags and used mostly by bakeries to produce various bread and cake recipes that meet the quality expectations of Nigerians and the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) sub-region. It is the preferred choice for bakers and bread consumers.

Golden Penny Soft Biscuit Flour

Made from the highest quality Soft Red Winter Wheat (SRW), Golden Penny Soft Biscuit Flour is the delight of biscuit manufacturing companies in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. It is available in 50kg bags

Golden Penny Spread

Golden Penny Spread is enriched with seven essential vitamins; Vitamin A, B6, B12, D, E, Folic Acid and Niacin to support healthy growth and development especially in children. Golden Penny Spread is available in 3 pack sizes which are 250g, 450g, and 900g.

Golden Yolk Layer Mash

Layer Mash


Golden Penny Goldenvita Whole Wheat Meal: Was launched in 2006 and is the whole wheat meal brand made from 100% whole wheat. It is fortified with three times more fibre than any other Semolina brand and is the perfect choice for people seeking a healthier ball food alternative.

Grower Mash

Grower Mash

Jumbo Bags

Product Description: Jumbo packs are extra-large cement packs mainly for industrial use. It bags larger quantity of cement than the regular size. They are made of superior quality materials and are the best bet for cement packaging. Part of our strength also lies in our ability to customize jumbo sacks for our customers using world’s recent manufacturing technologies dedicated to deliver excellent customized client solutions. We are also capable of delivering remarkable volume within a short period of time. Features: WPP Laminated sacks Cement bags are printed with very sharp color and latest technology at no cost to the customer with all logo requirements as agreed with the customers Sizes: 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton cement sacks.

Kool 2-go

Kool 2-GO instant powdered drink. It is cool to play

Layer Phase 2


Golden Penny Macaroni is an elbow shaped small size pasta bits. It is hollow and apart from enjoying it plain with stew, fried or with vegetables, it can also be prepared in salads. It is available in 200 and 500gms

Marios BBQ

Details about the product.

Marios Cheese balls

Share fun and excitement with tasty, crunchy Marios. Guarantees an explosion of fun.


Golden Penny Masavita: Was launched in 2013 and is our wholesome maize meal that guarantees all-day energy. Very popular in the North, it is versatile and can be used for various recipes.

NPK 12-12- 17 + MgO Fertilizer

This NPK formulation is popular with palm crop and tree crop farmers. It is rich in potassium. Good for tubers too.

NPK 15-15- 15 Fertilizer

This can be said to be a general purpose NPK formulation. It is our star product. It contains 15% each of N, P an K. Suitable for all crops.

NPK 20-10- 10 Fertilizer

This formulation is very popular with the eastern zone farmers. It is usually for grains and vegetables

NPK 27-13- 13 Fertilizer

This is a special formulation particularly suitable for maize, sorghum, millet, rice, cassava and yam.

Open Market Bags

Our Agro bags are second to none in Nigeria and have also continued to play on foreign soils. The market has no doubt continued to testify to the quality of our agricultural bag brands. They are suitable for packaging various agricultural bag brands. They are suitable for packaging various agricultural produce such as soya beans, pepper, millet, beans, groundnut, maize etc. Our bags are also aesthetically designed to come in different shapes and sizes to suit customers’ need. Features: They are made from strong yarn which helps keep grains and seeds safe and fresh for transportation.

Prelayer Mash

Pure soya oil

Golden Penny pure Soya Oil is 100% pure and has no cholesterol. It is a natural source of the essential Omega 3 fatty acid. This food delight is affordable and available in 1 litre, 2.75 litress, 4 litres and 25 litres.

Pure vegetable oil

Golden Penny pure vegetable oil is expertly purified to keep it safe and hygienic for use. This high-quality brand has no cholesterol, is trans-fat free and enriched with Vitamin A and iron to help address the nutritional deficiency in the Nigerian diet. It is available in four pack sizes; 1 litre; 2.75 litres, 4litres and 25 litres. Golden Penny spread


Ropes are of immense significance when it comes to Manufacturing, Construction, Seafaring, Exploration, Sports, Theatre and Communications. You hardly find a household or industry without the need for strong ropes. BAGCO’s continued commitment to delivery of value added WPP products has made possible excellent ropes compared to none in the industry. Our ropes are of top-notch quality and superior class. They are popular in the market for their tensile strength expressed in dragging and lifting activities.


Golden Penny Semovita: Launched almost two decades ago, it is the leading brand in the Semolina category in the country (with over 60% market share), widely accepted in both the Southern & Northern parts of the country, it is distributed through a network of dealers and retailers nationally. It is made from high-quality wheat, fortified with vitamins and rich in fibre for easy digestion

Shopping Bags

Our bags are second to none in Nigeria and have also continued to play on foreign soils too. The market has no doubt and continues to testify to the quality of our shopping bag brands. Few of these brands include: Shopping bag, Adstar Shopping Bag, Super Sack. They are used for day to day market patronage for carrying heavy goods and are also aesthetically designed to come in different shape and sizes to suit customers’ taste. Features: The bags are usually laminated either with WPP laminate or with BOPP laminate of various attractive and sharp colours.


Gold Penny Spaghetti is a long thing dried Cylindrical Pasta that is delicious. It does not get soggy and is enjoyed plain, Jollof, fried or with vegetables. It cooks in ten minutes. It is available in 250gms and 500gms


Golden Penny Spaghettini is also cylindrical but quite slimmer than Spaghetti. It is equally very tasty and does not get soggy. It is enjoyed with stew or vegetables, but some love it fried. In just five minutes it will be ready to eat, and it is available in 500gms


BAGCO’s thread is the ideal one for sewing your product packaging. Our expertise in the value adding process for polypropylene products gives us an edge in the packaging business thereby making our threads the most used in the industry. BAGCO threads are renowned for tensile strength and UV protection treatment as desired by our customers. To properly secure your product in bags, you need BAGCO threads to complete the job.


Golden Penny Twist is like a Twist and also has a hollow that makes it very enjoyable either plain with stew, Jollof, or as Fried with vegetables. It cooks in ten minutes and is available in 200gms and 500gms

Urea 46-0- 0

Urea contains the highest nitrogen percentage (46%) of all the solid fertilizers. it is highly water soluble but less corrosive to equipment than many other products. Top dressing applications for maize, upland rice, millet, cotton tomatoes, sugarcane, etc.


At BAGCO our Total Packaging Solutions takes care of everything about your product packaging. We provide excellent webbing for both household and industrial packaging needs using the best Woven Polypropylene (WPP) manufactured with recent technology and machinery. The flat strip of BAGCO webbing is also used for other activities asides packaging such as: Climbing, Upholstery, Auto safety, Towing, Parachuting, Military Apparel, Load securing, etc.