Our People

With FMN, it is more than just a career. From the eyes of present employees, have a peek into what it entails to work with us.


Morolake Emokpaire

Product Manager, FMN Semovita and Breakfast Cereal (8 months)

FMN is a huge corporate entity and presents a fertile ground to hone and develop a plethora of skill sets.
My first day moving through the different GPP sites, was overwhelming, I got lost a couple of times!  By the time I visited other FMN sites and subsidiaries, I had a finite sense of how huge the group is and how large its investment and dedication. Getting my job done a lot of times requires the input of other colleagues across job-functions. Building relationships and support has been key to tackling challenges or hiccups that one is bound to encounter in a working environment.

Adeleke Wuraola

Procurement Manager, Sunti Golden Sugar Estate Limited (6 Years)

FMN is a growing and expanding company and as a result, several opportunities abound.

Working with FMN has been very dynamic and interesting. The experience is world class. FMN also has a balanced work life system where you go on vacation when you have to. FMN has done massive community development and has opened various opportunities for the people in various locations.

Shidi Huzeinat Kehinde

Assistant Miller, FMN, West Mills (6 years)

The fact that you are faced with different challenges every day and having to work with different units/department still within the same organization is really interesting. There is so much opportunity for growth and development as an individual. Apart from the numerous in-house training on the job, I have taken the National Association of British and Irish Flour Millers (NABIM) correspondence course, and presently on training in African Milling School, Kenya.

Doyin Adewolu

HR Business Partner, Corporate Service & Agro Allied Division (2 years, 4 months)

At FMN every challenge is unique and there is no cast in stone solution. The answers of yesterday may not suffice today and this helps one to constantly develop and evolve. Working in FMN has given me some real awareness of my preferred behaviors, self-identity, and sense of control which enables me to prioritize responsibilities and deliver on critical tasks as well as pay attention to my family and friends.

Victory Olumuyiwa

Corporate Finance Manager, FMN (17 months)

One thing that you will get quite early at FMN is the drive for excellent performance. Working at FMN has encouraged me to use my initiatives like never before. The FMN Group also adopts a well thought-out work-life balance to maximize productivity and ensure a sense of belonging for staff members. FMN presents a clear path for career growth and hands-on experience on the job.