Since its incorporation in 1960, developing the capacity of local production has been a key focus of the FMN business operation in Nigeria. For more than five decades, the leading food and agro-allied business in Nigeria has invested billions of dollars in the Nation’s quest to produce high quality and affordable products from local raw materials. This is in order to boost self-sufficiency, diversify the economy, reduce the nation’s reliance on imports, save foreign exchange, and provide the nation with valuable exports.


Today, several products from the dominant food and agro-allied company in Nigeria are the embodiment of Made-in-Nigeria. TFI High-Quality Cassava Flour, Golden Penny Oil, and Golden Penny Sugar are produced from scratch to seal by raw materials that are locally sourced to meet the nation’s demand for quality and affordability giving previously dominant imports a run for their money.


High-Quality Cassava Flour is milled at Thai Farm International in Ososa, Ogun State with raw materials from Shao Farm. Shao Farm is the largest commercial cassava farm in Nigeria with over 5,000 hectares of arable land in Shao village just outside Ilorin, Kwara State. The harvested cassava tubers are supplied primarily to Thai Farm International (TFI) cassava flour plant . Today, FMN is the largest producer of High-Quality Cassava Flour in the country.


Golden Penny Soya Oil, Golden Penny Pure Vegetable Oil, and Golden Penny Margarine are produced at ROM Oil. The Mill in Ibadan, Oyo State operates one of the largest new generation multi oil complexes not only in Nigeria, but the continent as a whole. Premium soya oil is extracted from soybeans sourced from our farm at Kaboji, Niger State and also from farmers all across the middle belt of Nigeria. In June 2015 when Central Bank added Margarine to its not-valid-for-forex list, FMN prevented the void that would have been felt by becoming the first company in Nigeria to produce Margarine locally.


In continuation of these commitments to the Nigerian economy, FMN is a key participant and sponsor of the ongoing 22nd National Economic Summit. This year’s summit tagged “Made-in-Nigeria” seeks to explore vast opportunities inherent in the economy that would be unlocked by a shift of mindset and preference from foreign products.


On Monday, 10th of October, 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR declared the summit open and embarked on an exhibition tour with his ministers to see the various companies that have demonstrated a commitment to Made-in-Nigeria. He made his first stop at the foremost food and agro-allied company in Nigeria. The Chairman, Mr. John G. Coumantaros was on hand to show Mr.  President the tangible results of FMN’s commitments to Made-in-Nigeria.


Expectations are high for the 22nd Nigerian Economic Summit tagged Made-in-Nigeria. However, it is another reminder that the growth of the economy is a collective responsibility. With continuing commitments from all quarters, Nigeria’s quest for self-sustenance is closer than ever.