Three Brands That You May Have Never Associated With FMN
Three Brands That You May Have Never Associated With FMN

FMN started operation with flour milling in the ports of Apapa. Through the agency of its Golden Penny Brand, the company has produced a plethora of iconic food products that have nourished the country from generations to generations for more than six decades. It is the flagship of FMN; there is little wonder it is the most popular brand. Many even view Golden Penny and FMN as synonyms that can be used interchangeably.


However, beyond the boundaries of food, the group of companies that is FMN also own brands that are undisputed leaders various other spheres in the agro-allied, support and logistics sectors of the economy. This article examines three well-known brands that you may have scarcely associated with FMN.


The first is TOP FEEDS.


Produced by Premier Feeds, Top Feeds is the brand name that has become a general term for animal feed in Nigeria. It has a complete range of products that cover all aspect of animal feed requirement. In June 2010, Premier Feed Mills completed the building of Africa’s most modern, fully automated feed factory with a 300,000 tonne per year animal feed factory in Ibadan, Oyo State. Combined with other facilities that it possesses, Premiere feeds has the capacity to produce about 600,000 tonnes of animal feed in one year.


During the 2015/2016 year, Top feeds sold more than 400,000 tonnes of animal feed for the first time in history, surpassing the prior year sales with a growth of 25%. This volume represented the largest single company sales in the country and placed “Top Feeds” as the number one brand in Nigeria. Apart from the production of quality feeds at unbeatable prices, Top feeds advises and guides customers, on request, on all relevant feeding issues as well as farm management and animal health matters. Top feeds have a number of veterinary doctors, farm management specialists as well as nutritionists in its employ and holds frequent education programmes all across the country.


Many people recall the first company in Nigeria to produce woven polypropylene sack in Nigeria, Bagco, but very few people know that it is an FMN brand.


Nigerian Bag Manufacturing (BAGCO) was established as a wholly owned subsidiary company of FMN Plc. in Lagos in 1972 to provide quality sacks to support the industrial and agricultural sectors of the Nigerian economy.


In 1990, Northern Bag Manufacturing Company Limited was established in Kano to increase the capacity of sack production further and improve distribution. In 2007, BAGCO was quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and became a Plc when FMN sold 30% of its equity holding to the Nigerian public. It was during this first year as a publicly quoted company that BAGCO was awarded the NSE President’s Award for its Trade Group.


With a production capacity of 32 million bags monthly and many awards to show for, Bagco is a leading name in packaging solutions of businesses across the nation and the sub-Saharan Africa.


The third brand that you may not have associated with FMN is Golden Fertilizer.


Unlike the previous two, this brand may only be familiar with farmers; nevertheless, it is the name behind most of the food that is grown in the country. Golden fertiliser is a leading brand in the agro-allied supply chain in the country. It is blended, packaged and distributed by the Golden Fertilizer Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of FMN that was established almost two decades ago.


More than just a brand or business, Golden fertiliser represents one of FMN’s numerous commitment to establish a solid fertile base for Nigeria’s re-emerging agricultural sector in order to meet the nation’s target for self-sufficiency. The company provides a broad range of effective fertilisers for a bountiful yield on the farm. Made under the finest circumstances with the highest quality, these are the farmer’s partner for success and profit.


Now you know what Bagco, Top Feeds and Golden Fertilizer have in common, FMN.