Web Fleet


Due to the large number of trucks in our fleet, Golden Transport is following the latest technology. To improve the fleet’s efficiency, and to have a better control of our operations, GTC has invested in a very intelligent tracking device for its fleet.

Using Webfleet Tracking Services, GTC is providing better services than many other transport companies. Our objective is to always satisfy the needs of our clients and to be on time.

The service Fleet Management Webfleet, through an easy and functional interface, identifies any source of operational costs and helps in significant reduction of disappearances, while providing complete control of vehicles at all times.

Selected information from the service are:
• Where the vehicles are on the map in real time
• What services have been made
• How many kilometers they have traveled and how many hours have been initiated
• How many stops have been made and for how long
• How much fuel is being consumed

A wide variety of management reports can be generated such as Idling Report , Stops On Points of Interest, Distance Graph, Door Activity, Fixed Trips, Vehicle Routes & Statistics, Detailed Activity Report, Temperature Graph, Speed Graph, Over speed Report, Unknown Stop Locations, Vehicle Fuel Consumption Per Day, Vehicle Cost Per Day, Fleet Cost Per Day, Routes and Stops.

GTC has trained a special team for monitoring the movement of trucks and to keep a good maintenance of the GPS units.

Schematic Operation of the Webfleet: